Single Is Not A Problem 2 Be Fixed


I haven’t been single since I was 16 years old. I’m 22 now. My first love was some idiot when it should have been myself. After him, it was a revolving door of boyfriend after boyfriend. Even though I’m doing it all backwards, I’m relieved to finally be alone. I mean really alone. No one to text good night and good morning to. No one to tell the details of my day to. No one, and guess what? I love it. People complain about being single, but I’d take this over commitment any day. It was definitely an adjustment but I’m loving this freedom. People lose themselves in relationships, as well as their friends, their values and their mind.

Think of a relationship as a full-time job, because it is, and right now, you’re volunteering part-time by dating. Single is not the waiting phase between relationships. Single is the status. Own it, want it, and be happy with it. Ain’t nobody got time for two full-time jobs in their 20s.

Single isn’t something that needs to be fixed and it doesn’t mean you should date to find Mr. Right. Date because meeting new people is fun. Date because everyone you meet can teach you something new. Date to know what you do & don’t like for future Mr. Right. Thirty is the new twenty to commit & settle down. If you think thirty is too high of a number, then let me introduce you to fifty, that 50% divorce rate. It’s really your choice. Change your mindset about dating and don’t take it so seriously, but don’t take it lightly either. Don’t be a hoe. Don’t be that girl. Everything in moderation. Guard your heart. Falling in love is overrated. Love yourself. I sound like a postcard, I’m done.




  1. Aubrey · February 2, 2015

    I agree that being single is not a problem and that it is a status you have to own. It is a choice and if you choose to love yourself first, everyone should respect that.

    I just have to say your posts are entertaining!

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  2. Hairo Aguilera · July 30, 2015

    Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, I personally think dating and relationships can be 100% fun (with just a few fights and misunderstandings).

    I can seriously right a whole article about this, but basically think of someone with a job: Did you know that over 80% of the reason someone would love his or her job is because of at least one coworker they’re close with? That means that if that one fun work-buddy wasn’t there, you won’t tolerate the work better.

    In other words, finding the right man who knows how to sexually pleasure you, connect emotionally with you, appreciates your womanhood and know how unique you are will light up your world and enjoy every second of the relationship, where you CRAVE for him to call you and pleasure you like you deserve.

    Ok, I’ve gone off a lot. It’s because I’m passionate about this. Maybe the work analogy doesn’t fit the context exactly, but letting a man in while you enjoy your single life and finding where he’s been is something I can imagine being awesome.

    I came by to say thanks for checking out my articles. Let’s keep in touch. Cheers.

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