Sick date… literally


This guy is what I call a “9-5er”, or in this case an “overtimer”. He works in finance or banking or something important like that – that’s usually when I space out and put all the business suits in one category. 50 shades of boring. I like my men in uniforms, not suits. Unless you have a sex dungeon ;]. So my date, who works 60-90 hours a week, managed to make time for our date, but I wasn’t feeling too well. He suggested we get hot tea close by my apartment and I agreed. Cute suggestion.

I’m a type B person and I admire a laid back, easy-going guy but he was a type A. I really don’t like planning, structure, or rules, but since I don’t like rules. I’m open to dating A’s. Maybe an A could motivate me because two B’s might get lazy together haha. (A & B chart on the bottom.) He asked me why I moved to the city. I told him I was here for modeling and in some time, a career in Fashion Merchandising. Jokingly, he said “Oh, so you’re looking for a sugar daddy?” I didn’t find that funny at all. Any potential thoughts I had of him just vanished. Way to blow it, A. Don’t downplay my dreams and don’t EVER think I need you or any other man. Loser.

At the end of the date, he pulled out a Vitamin C bottle. He had purchased it before our date as a gift to me. Hmm, first the sugar daddy comment, now a gift? The gesture was a nice touch, but I couldn’t get past the comment he made to give him a second date. You might be an A but you scored an F on the date!


  Type A Personality Traits

      Type B Personality Traits

· Must get things finished · Do not mind leaving things unfinished for a while
· Never late for appointments · Calm and unhurried about appointments
· Excessively competitive

· Not excessively competitive

· Can’t listen to conversations and interrupts · Can listen and let the other person finish speaking
· Always in a hurry · Never in a hurry even when busy
· Do not like to wait · Can wait calmly
· Very busy at full speed · Easy going
· Trying to do more than one thing at a time · Can take one thing at a time
· Want everything to be perfect · Do not mind things not quite perfect
· Pressurised speech · Slow and deliberate speech
· Do everything fast · Do things slowly
· Hold feelings in · Can express feelings
· Not satisfied with work/life · Quite satisfied with work/life
· Few social activities/interests · Many social activities/interests
· If in employment, will often take work home

· If in employment, will limit working to work hours


One comment

  1. londongirlbigdreams · August 19, 2015

    Your date experiences are so funny! Although I hope the London men are slightly less boring/weird!


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