Power Struggle




Basic Relationship Rules: (since you’re in this position in the first place, I can assume these have been forgot.)
1. He must speak to you with respect, absolutely NO degrading terms, even as a joke, and this goes for the entire gender, ie. “Women are bitches” (if he doesn’t respect women as a whole, how will he ever respect you?)
2. He must never tell you not to do/wear something /go somewhere. He may express his legitimate concerns but if its solely based on his own insecurities, he can kindly shut the fuck up.
3, You will do your best to make him feel comfortable and trust you when you’re out, but you will NOT baby him/focus on your phone all night. He can not blow you up or ruin your night.
4. The next time he fake breaks up with you to get attention, it will be irreversible. You don’t take that lightly and you could never picture a future with a potential husband who would fake a divorce.

The reason men are controlling is because they are insecure and/or they are cheating. Why should you have to suffer the consequences? They saw you, fell in love with you, with your energy, your personality, your beauty, but then they want to hide you from the world so no one else takes you? It’s possessive love and you seize to be what they fell for in the first place. Remember, you hold the power! You have to love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it.



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