Handbags and Douchebags


I can’t stand guys with accents, and I’m not talking about sexy British or Australian ones. I’m talking about broken-English accents. I’m talking about guys who don’t understand sarcasm or American tendencies. I know this sounds ignorant, but I just know what I definitely don’t want. I’m foreign myself and I deal with the bullshit thirst every time I visit Europe. Foreign guys have NO game. They are raised like a pack of dirty wolves. Anyways, this hot guy asked me out and I was hesitant, but I went through with it because I want to at least try to keep an open mind before I completely get rid of all FOBs.(Fresh Off the Boat)

He took me to Le Bain, a beautiful rooftop bar with lounge sofas, fake grass, and crepes. He got drunk and touchy from his first girly drink. Lightweight FOB. He tried to hold my hand and I moved my drink to that hand. He didn’t waste a second before his foreign game came out. He confessed how “beautiful and perfect” I was and that he hopes I answer him the next day because most girls don’t and he doesn’t understand why. Way to keep your cool dude. Then he kept talking shit about America, saying that life and shopping is better in Italy. He also said Americans are fat and lazy. I got defensive and I told him he should move back but he’s like ohh but college blah blah bullshit bullshit.

He went around the corner to the bar to order more drinks and I made friends with a couple close by. I told them that I was new to the city & that I was on a first date. My date texted me “Miss you baby :*” while he was waiting for our drinks. FOB text. When he came back with our drinks, I went to the restroom. Right when I got back, the couple waved me over and whispered “He looked through your purse while you were gone! He used the flashlight on his phone and looked through it.” I froze.

I was so frightened. What kind of guy does that?! What if there was something in my drink this whole time? What if I never spoke to that couple and they thought it was my boyfriend looking for something? My date goes “What’s wrong? What did they say?” He clearly didn’t realize I talked to them earlier. I said “Nothing but something came up and I have to leave.” and I bolted out of there. My friend was at a bar down the street that night and I went to go meet him. Nothing was missing from my purse. I couldn’t wrap my head around why he would do that. Is it a fucking foreign thing??

I’m new to New York, far away from my friends and family, my comfort zone. This situation disgusted me so much, I stopped dating for a few weeks. I’m so open with everyone here. I love meeting new people and socializing, I forget how manipulative people are. It’s terrifying. I never want to be perceived as a naive girl who can be taken advantage of. If anything, this taught me to be more careful and I eventually got the courage to date again.

Please, always speak up. Always help others if you notice something is off. I’m forever thankful for my guardian angels.




One comment

  1. Aubrey · February 2, 2015

    This is scary. Lucky that you were able to talk to your neighbor couple and they were nice to let you know what your date just did. This is a lesson for everyone. Thanks for sharing!


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