Bad Boys Ain’t No Good, Good Boys Ain’t No Fun.


I have a project for you. Write down the name of every guy you’ve ever dated, had a thing with, hooked up with, whatever. Under each guys name, write down one thing you liked about him, and one thing you didn’t. (physically or personality) Combine all the likes in one paragraph, combine all the dislikes in another paragraph. When you meet someone new, go through your checklist. Every guy you’ve met is for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. You shouldn’t regret being with someone because you always learn from them. Also, if you are consciously aware of what you do/don’t like, you won’t settle for the same ex boyfriends.

Here are a few of my likes and dislikes I’ve picked up on from the guys I’ve dated/talked to:

Likes: muscles, sense of humor, tall, plays the piano and sings to me, writes me poems, rides a motorcycle, deeply intellectual on another level, big lips, selfless, loves/willing to travel the world, respectful, tattoos, confident, romantic, same culture/language, playful, faithful, adventures, down for anything, laid back, loves children, real, goal-oriented, humble, cooks for me, respects service people, colored eyes, has dimples, nice teeth/smile, loves to cuddle, rough ;]

Dislikes: dependent on others, disrespectful, pothead, no family values, skinny, religious, cheats, verbally and physically abusive, bad in bed, serious, lies, has kids, fame, broke, balding, health/neat freak, suicidal, obsessed with social media, puts me down, in the military, sexist, stubborn, creeps on girls, smothering, bad hygiene, prideful, narcissistic personality disorder, always says no, cry baby, has a temper/anger issues, close-minded, controlling, condescending, sketchy

**** This list is not to be taken too seriously. We are not creating our perfect man, there is no such thing. It’s simply to take away from our experiences. If anything, pay attention to your dislikes & don’t tolerate the qualities for the next man. Likes are adjustable and always growing.



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